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Hand Suitcase
625*500*35 mm 

multi/free newspaper
Transit #11: Fragile! Please handle with care.
Febuary 23 - March 01, 2021
Exhibition Space Paulusplatz

My suitcase is left in the corner of my empty room. It is waiting to be filled in, yet there is time left. 
Ten days before the trip, full of stress, excitement, and horror. I still have 10 more days to pack my essentials. I put them in the suitcase and take them out for many times. I am busy with weighing in it the whole day and am asking myself “what piece do I need to take with?”
I take a look around my room and think of all my memories, books, videos, clothing, and childhood photo albums. I think of the time when cameras were analog and our memories were tightened up on our albums.
Now, all my memories are hanging in space, something between reality and imagination! 
Now, I think about my childhood all the time!
Now, I have only one suitcase!  How do I fit everything in it? 
My mother enters the room with a couple of large packages of food. My God! I was not thinking about food anymore. Now there is absolutely no space left! Just a few piece of clothes, lots of walnuts, saffron, berberis, aromatic herbs, dried vegetables, pistachios, a few packs of medicine, my passport, and some euros. My suitcase is packed with full of things and weighted. I find myself at the airport, ready to departure!
I do not look back! 
I look forward to where I was hoping for. 
That is the journey I chose, moving across borders to an unknown world. 
On 24th of Dec., 2013, I leave Iran with my suitcase to Austria, in particular Tehran to Vienna. My suitcase is full of food and empty of memories. I will leave my memories on the other side of the world and will cross the border with a suitcase full of food. 
My legs are heavy! I cannot cross the border but my suitcase does. I stay beyond the borders. 
Now, my suitcase is here and I'm nowhere!

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