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In the early days of the last month of the Spring, the Cherry tree in the garden blossomed, announcing the birth of a child! 
In the last days of the first month of the Summer, the blossoms that had now become red beautiful cherries, talked about the death of someone who was once full of life!  
In less  than a second, death had embraced her so tight in his arms that not even the red cherries could bring the colour back to her pretty cheeks! 
Here’s how the story goes,“ she went to pick a cherry when in a moment, between being or not being, death conquered life.” “ In a blink of an eye, so overshadowed by death, life lost all its colours, with no sign of  living left in It to trace.” 
The cherry blossoms that were once a sign of life, had become a symbol of death having turned to cherries, making it so hard to taste their sweetness! 
In a short moment life lost all its meaning, as if  there has never been an existence, as if all it has ever been was death and nothing more. 
And death, with its grim shadow, surrounded life in a way that all the faith in life was lost! 
Death is nothing, it carries nothing in itself. Life, however, is despite that, life carries death in it!

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